Pocket Shot
Pocket Shot
Pocket Shot

Pocket Shot


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Travel Size Beard Oil Spray that comfortably fits in your pocket!!!

Don't forget to take your Pocket Shot with you when you're away from home whether on vacation, business trip, motorcycle ride, or the Gym to care for your beard. So leave your big bottle at home and slip this PERFECT pocket size beard oil into your pocket to use whenever your beard needs proper conditioning.

Scent Description:

Mojito - Citrus and summer combined in a bottle! The subtle scents of spearmint and lime are infused with tangerine to make up a beautiful, mouthwatering aroma that will complete your night out! All you’re missing is a cigar and a beach.
French Roast - Wake up and smell the coffee! No, it’s not Starbucks...it’s your beard! Bring out you inner barista with the deliciousness of vanilla and roasted coffee beans. This is a scent that will make her drool and leave you feeling like a million bucks first thing in the morning! This is the pick me up you need to get you through your entire work day!                                                                          ⛰

Mountain-Close your eyes, imagine with me that you’re somewhere else. Step out into the middle of the Georgia pines.  Witness the aroma of the Mountain and enhance your beard with the scents of pine and nodes of grapefruit. Now open your eyes.  Yup, you’re still in your bathroom. This oil will make you feel like 1000 men! Celebrate you’re beard, you’ve earned it! 

Rain Shower - This one is for the ladies. Romanticize the special one in your life by using this oil. Lavender and lime will soothe her soul for a nice night of admiring your face! The infusion of sandlewood will give the added boost of relaxation for the night ahead.


Jungle Scent transcends your Beard into something Special and Attractive to both you and your partner. Its exotic melodies of Bananas and Chocolate plays a harmonious tune throughout the day. Interestingly, these two scents do not overpower the other as you get a whiff chocolate now, bananas later, and vice versa - Delicious!!